Reservoir Career Women Meeting Blog – September 16, 2017

Member Spotlight: Kathryn Walsh, NOLA Lending Group. Kathryn Walsh has been in the lending business for 30 years, so she REALLY knows her stuff when it comes to helping you with your next mortgage. Ready to own your own home? NOLA Lending Group prides themselves on being one of the most tech-savvy lending groups around, which is perfect for the next generation of home owners! Visit her page HERE, or email her directly at kwalsh@nolalending.com.

Keynote Speaker: Jill Gordon, LegalShield and IDShield. Jill gave a fantastic, in-depth presentation on the importance of staying current on social media, with an emphasis on making sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and you are presenting your best (and most accurate) professional profile, including very specific instances where she has personally used LinkedIn to jettison in new business – and who doesn’t like new business?? And what do you know about “disruptive innovation”? The answer is: a lot more than you think! Stay tuned for our follow-up blog focusing directly on her presentation to get all the good info following this post.

Lunch: Today, we were treated with a “Taste of Italy” – que delizioso! It started with a Tuscan-inspired green salad dotted with olives, orzo pilaf, broccolini, and chicken marsala, with cheesecake for dessert. It was accompanied by refreshing lemon and cucumber infused water and sweet tea.

Attendees: 32! That’s 32 opportunities to market yourself and your business. We’ll see you next month!