alahna, encouragement verse

WORDS MATTER! This was the message included in the opening minutes of this month's Reservoir Career Women, as expressed in the verse above, as well as the attached video below. We always seem to be quick to complain or point out the negative, but when was the last time we were quick with a compliment or a word of encouragement? Alahna asked for us over the next few weeks to focus on our words and how they might impact someone. She also gave us homework: call someone, preferably someone you haven't spoken with in awhile, and tell them how much they matter to you!

REVIEW THE BLAKE: Speaking of kind words, how about sending a good review to our friends at The Blake? Suellen and crew work very hard to make sure our meetings go well, so please do them a favor by reviewing them on either Google or Facebook, or even check in while at the meeting in Facebook. They thank you in advance!

DECEMBER MEETING: Mindi and Alahna have been working very hard on this year's December meeting! In the past we've done dinners out and a musical number for last year's meeting, but this December is going to be escpecially special - lunch with outgoing First Lady Deborah Bryant at the Governor's Mansion! Sign-ups started immediately after the meeting, so if you are reading this we might already be full - check with Mindi if interested!

TOPICS FOR NEXT YEAR: Have a topic you know a lot about, or is there a topic you find interesting and think you and our group would like to know more about? SEND THEM TO US! We are already trying to pull together interesting speakers for next year, and we are taking suggestions now!

RENEWAL ADS: It's that time of year again! We are taking orders for renewals for ads on our Member and Directory pages for next year! $100 buys you a section on our Member page, which includes a 50ish word write up about you and your business, and up to 3 images to add with the write up - FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! We are also able to link your website back to your ad, which helps improve your Google rankings. $50 will buy you a business-card size section on our Directory page, and it will also link back to your site. What do we do with the money, you ask? It 100% goes into the Reservoir Career Women account (yes, all leadership is strictly volunteer!) to help with needs in the community that might not be met through other avenues. For example: we have donated to funeral funds for a young mother of 5 that died in car accident, donated school supplies to a family where the mom was dying from cancer, and we made a donation toward a fund for someone to receive a service dog. WE DID THAT BECAUSE YOU DID THAT! We also have a Distinguished Young Woman scholarship that goes to an outstanding senior in the area. We love to give back to the community - and we love that you help us achieve that goal! For more information on how to advertise on our site, please email us at info@rezcareerwomen.com.


SPOTLIGHT SPEAKER: Cindy Tauchar, Solar Control of Jackson. Is the sun bleaching your hair while you are sitting at your desk? Do you get sunburned on your extended car trips? Cindy wants to help you fight the sun with their line of window tints! Not only can they tint your car windows, they can also tint the windows at your home or business - they even tinted the windows at The Blake! They also offer a line of decorative window tints (think: frosted) for security and privacy purposes. For more information, visit them online HERE.

cindy tauchar, solar control of jackson

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Shay Greenwood, The Styled Life. How stressful is your life? Is your calendar already overflowing with multiple jobs and appointments, and the last thing on your mind is picking out what to wear for the day? This is where Shay and her style plan comes into play. If you look your best, then you feel your best, and all that glory goes to God. Are you like everyone in the room that day with a full closet but yet nothing to wear? Instead of dreading standing in front of your closet, treat your closet and getting ready like going to a party, and it will be a much more enjoyable experience! Here are Shay's three style tips for any woman and any closet:

  1. NEUTRAL AND SOLID COLORS. First things first: organize your closet, but with this tip in mind: take all your printed tops and separate them from solid-color tops. Printed tops require much more matching, whereas tops in neutral, solid colors are WAY more easily match-able, thus cutting down on closet-time. Not saying we don't love a good print, just be sure to pair them with BOLD jewelry so that it stands out. It's also helpful to organize your closet, separating tops (short sleeve/long sleeve), jackets, and pants, all which will help with the pulling together of the outfit. Oh, and if you feel the urge to shop: SHOP YOUR CLOSET FIRST! There might be that cute outfit hiding in there that you've forgotten about, or with the new organization of your closet, an outfit combo might appear that you've never thought about before!
  2. FASHION PIECES. Ok, so you've organized your closet and put together a great top with pants. What's next? Top it with a "fashion piece"! These are your jean jackets, animal print wraps, blazers, and kimonos - anything to give that extra polish layer to your outfit.
  3.  JEWELRY AND ACCESSORIES. Shay gave us an extremely powerful demonstration when it came to jewelry and accessorizing. She asked us to close our eyes, and when we reopened them, we noticed that she had removed ALL her jewelry - and what a difference it made! She said jewelry and accessorizing is vital to a complete wardrobe because the reflective nature of jewelry actually lights your face, creating a glow. Who knew? Shay knew, and she passed it along to us!

To learn more about Shay, please visit her online at www.shaygreenwood.com. To speak with her directly or to book her for a speaking engagement, call her at 601-540-6912.

Shay Greenwood Marketing

ON THE MENU: Chicken cordon bleu (with about the most tender chicken I've ever eaten in my LIFE!) with roasted vegetables, green salad with edamame and ginger soy dressing, and a beautiful carrot cake. Washed down with not only lemonade provided by The Blake, but also a delightful duo of Peach Tea and a Cherry Sangria Tea, provided by Nancy Welch! If you enjoyed the teas, please visit her website HERE, her Facebook page HERE, email her at SippinTeaNDASipp@icloud.com, or call her at 601-937-2072.

Nancy Welch, Tea