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Alahna also read to us a beautiful poem about blessings from Maria Shriver. To read it, please click HERE. Now, on with the meeting!

SPOTLIGHT SPEAKER: Dr. Gail Anderson, Arbonne. Dr. Gail Anderson is the Regional Vice President for Arbonne. Arbonne has over 450 products specifically designed to help you thrive, all while using sustainable ingredients, in addition to being cruelty- and gluten-free. For more information on their products, please visit Gail’s consultant page HERE.

Gail Anderson, Arbonne

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Denise Moulier, Guruz Fitness. Denise is the studio manager and lead trainer for Guruz Fitness in Ridgeland, MS. For this meeting, she spoke with us about 6 ways to stick to your fitness plan this summer – they are summed up below:

  1. When going to BBQs and pool parties this summer, remember to EAT SLOWWWWLLLLLYYYY and eat until you feel satisfied, NOT stuffed.
  2. Participate in some kind of full-body movement each day, whether it’s walking, running, swimming, etc. And, if you can only do ONE thing, focus on leg work because leg muscles provide the most efficient way to keep burning calories, long after exercising has stopped.
  3. NUTRITION is key when picking out your meals, so if you know you are about to attend a calorie-laden event, try eating before you go, packing a snack, or building your own meal for maximum nutritional intake. ANOTHER GREAT IDEA: when eating at a restaurant, put half of your meal in a to-go container before beginning eating – you’d be surprised about how full you feel after eating only half!
  4. SUPER SHAKES! With the ease of finding shake recipes on the internet and the abundance of organically grown food easily found in supermarkets, a Super Shake is a good go-to when you are trying to work more vitamins and minerals in your diet, in addition to helping stave off food cravings!
  5. Can I get a show of “hands” for a calorie control guide? No more guessing about how many ounces that scoop of potato salad is; Denise showed us an effective way of measuring serving sizes while on the go: protein = 1 palm; vegetables = 1 fist; carbs = 1 cupped hand; and fats = 1 thumb.
  6. Ever hear the phrase “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure”? Well, when it comes to meal planning, an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of deviation! Having vegetables prepped and on stand-by definitely helps keep your nutritional goals on track for the future. Make sure your veggies are water dense while being calorie sparse. You can complement them with things like spices, sour components like vinegars or mustards, and everything tastes good with a little salt (but not too much!!). Denise says they can also be “cushioned” with a little sweetness or fats – just be lighter-handed with them (see #5 for measurements).

All in all, Denise also wanted to remind us that even if you do fall off the health wagon this summer (and happen to land into a bowl of dreamy banana pudding *drools*), DO NOT be hard on yourself and try to aim for better, not perfect. And, if you have a hard time trying to put together healthy meals for you or your family, Denise offers a weekly meal service for breakfast, lunch, or dinner – just email her to be added to this and watch the weekly menus roll in! For more information, please visit Guruz Fitness online by clicking HERE.

Denise Moulier, Guruz Fitness

ON THE MENU: We had a spiced-up menu today for the spiced-up weather! Jerk chicken with peppers and pineapple, wild rice pilaf, green beans, and a beautiful kale salad with a choice of raspberry vinaigrette or creamy Italian dressing (I chose the Italian; superb!). Drinks: strawberry lemonade, tea and water. Dessert: New York and caramel-drizzled cheesecakes.