This Mississippi heat can’t keep good women down – we just apply some pressed powder and go. But where are we headed? Only to the hottest ticket in town: our monthly Reservoir Career Women meeting! If you couldn’t make it, keep reading to find out what you missed.

SPOTLIGHT SPEAKER: Tammy Foster, Compassus Hospice. If you think “hospice” is a scary word, imagine having to need it in your lifetime. Thankfully, Tammy Foster and the caring team at Compassus are there to assist during the process. To learn more about their organization, watch the video below, or visit them online at www.compassus.com.

SPECIAL NOTE: Alahna just started with them as their new Volunteer Coordinator! If you are looking for a volunteer project that can really make a world of difference to someone, contact Alahna today to help!

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Angie DeLeon, Mississippi Tennis Association. Do you know your “ace” from a hole in the ground? Angie can point you in the right direction! Angie DeLeon works for the Mississippi Tennis Association, conveniently located in Jackson – which is actually part of the USTA, which owns and operates the US Open (aka the closest most of us will ever get to meeting the Williams sisters). Tennis is a great and casual way to make friends while getting in a workout! Maybe you’re already into tennis, but would really like to meet more tennis-minded people; they can help there, too – whether your age is in the single digits or 75+, they have a tennis group for you. To learn more about this organization, or to learn how you can join a group, visit them online at www.mstennis.com.

OTHER NOTES FROM MEETING: The Salvation Army wants YOU…r old plastic grocery bags! Sure, you may be all about recycling those bags, but do you know where they end up once they leave your house? If you donate them instead to the Salvation Army, we know exactly where they will end up: woven into mats for the homeless to protect them from scorching summer asphalt and freezing winter concrete. If you have some you want to donate and weren’t able to make it to the meeting, please bring them to the Salvation Army in Jackson, 110 Presto Lane, Jackson, MS 39205.

Reservoir Career Women, 6-20-2018