Reservoir Career Women Meeting Blog – May 16, 2018

SPOTLIGHT SPEAKER: Amy King, Membership Representative, Home Builder’s Association of Jackson. Do you know the power of doing business with a member? The Home Builder’s Association of Jackson is 100% dedicated to helping those in the construction industry build and market their business while providing a support network of fellow professionals. But membership isn’t just limited to those who swing hammers (or paint brushes or weed-whackers); they offer membership to anyone remotely related to the construction industry, including mortgage brokers and realtors! Contact Amy King at amy@hbajackson.com or visit them online HERE to learn more about joining today!

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Anna LeBreton, Outreach Coordinator, Mississippi Blood Services. Did you know someone needs a blood transfusion every two seconds? Mississippi Blood Services is in constant need of ALL blood types – when was the last time you donated? If you think you cannot donate, think again: due to advancements in the medical field, they have been able to expand the field of who can donate. Still not sure? Call Anna at 601-368-2635, or email her directly at alebreton@msblood.com. You may also visit Mississippi Blood Services online HERE to find local blood drives in your area!

About a Cause, MS Blood Services

ON THE MENU: It was a summer-inspired buffet this go round! Not only did we have a fruit and cheese platter, we also had a fresh salad and chicken salad croissants! For dessert: the best cheesecake I have ever eaten (seriously). And to wash it all down? A choice of either a peach-infused iced tea or water. Yum!

Image from RCW meeting 5-16-18