As Bob Marley once said, the sun was shining and the weather was sweet for this month’s Reservoir Career Women’s meeting! Alahna started the meeting with reminders for the group, that go as follows:

  • We only accept cash or check for the lunch. WE DO NOT ACCEPT DEBIT CARDS. Why? The money you give us for entry goes 100% directly to The Blake – we do not accept any of it towards the group, and since credit card companies charge fees, we would be at a loss for this amount. This is also why we ask you make out any checks to The Blake.
  • You have to RSVP. Little did we know that within a few short years of inception that we would have to start a wait list for the meeting! Well, the time is now and the wait list is here. Due to the fire code restrictions of our meeting space, they max the meeting at 50 attendants. This is why it is ABSOLUTELY imperative that you RSVP via email, the RSVP form on the front of the page, or by the newsletter that goes out before meetings. Now about that email…
  • Email sign up. If you want to be added to the email list to receive newsletters about upcoming meetings and events, please email us at info@rezcareerwomen.com, or use the contact form under the Contact section.

Also, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the info@rezcareerwomen.com email address. It gets forwarded to all the leadership, so someone will answer in a timely fashion. Now, on with the minutes!

SPOTLIGHT SPEAKER: Arlette Thompson, Mississippi Magazine. Arlette charmed the crowd with a poem explaining her organization SAWA – The Salvation Army’s Women Auxiliary. The SAWA is a group of Christian women dedicated to the Salvation Army’s mission: to do the most good. This meeting, Arlette tried to do our bodies good by selling their current cookbook Cooking with Grace. I personally purchased one, and these are the tried and true “church lady” recipes you’ve grown up on – including the famous cheese soup recipe from Swenson’s. If you want to purchase your own cookbook, use this PayPay link HERE.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jennifer Waldrup, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Madison. Going by initial appearances, some would classify Jennifer as a blonde bombshell, but upon closer inspection (but not TOO close), you come to realize it’s more like nuclear warhead! Jennifer helps women get empowered at Gracie Jiu Jitsu in Madison, MS. She joined us this past meeting to give us pointers on staying safe, as well as showed us some moves to keep in mind if you are ever attacked.

For example, her main point was stay aware of your surroundings when out in public (put away phone and make eye contact with people). A move she showed us was if an attacker grabs your wrist to try and pull you away, DO NOT try and kick the aggressor or flail your arms. Instead, spread and firmly plant your feet about shoulder width apart while bending at the knee. This way, you use your body as an anchor, and it is almost impossible to pull you from this position. But, no matter what you do, fight to NEVER EVER go to a secondary location with an attacker – it greatly reduces your chance of survival.

If you would like to learn more moves or attend a women’s empowerment course, call Gracie Jiu-Jitsu at 601-898-1144, or visit them online HERE.

ON THE MENU: This month we had a mixed green salad, rice, roast beef, and squash saute. Apple pie rounded out the desert, and we washed it all down with infused water and sweet tea.