Reservoir Career Women Meeting Blog - March 21, 2018

Intro: We kicked off this meeting with a few St. Patrick's Day jokes from Alahna that are always good for a chuckle, and then it was straight to the speakers!

Spotlight Speaker: Ann Barnes, Prime Care Nursing. Prime Care Nursing is the perfect option for someone that needs in-home nursing, in-facility nursing, or for a medical facility that is seeking nurses to hire. Learn more about this wonderful company on their website by clicking HERE, or hear it from Ann herself in her spotlight video:

Keynote Speaker: Casey Barnes, Kendra Scott. Did you know Kendra Scott was as charitable as they are fashionable? We know now! Casey was happy to come tell the group about the namesake of their newest store now located in Highland Village, which joins a nation full of Kendra Scott locations. Kendra got her start making hats for other patients in the same cancer wing as her father, and having found success there, made moves to open a retail spot selling those hats. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be at that time, and the store closed. It wasn't until many years later when her new found love of jewelry making and mandatory maternity bed-rest intertwined - and a new retail future emerged! In addition to being a fashion retailer, Kendra Scott is also known for giving back to the communities in which they embed, often providing pieces for charity auctions or spearheading fundraisers for local causes. Casey also treated us to a pop-up shop during her visit, where we were able to purchase our very own Kendra Scott pieces.

To learn more about Kendra Scott or to shop their online store, please click HERE.

Lunch: This month's buffet consisted of baked chicken, rice pilaf, and mixed vegetables, with a blue cheese/walnut salad, and refreshing cucumber water and raspberry tea to wash it down. Dessert was a delightful and much raved-about concoction of a lemony white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake on top of a vanilla sponge with a graham cracker crust - what a delicious and creative endeavor!

Collage from meeting for 3-21-2018.