If it's February and you're in the rec room at The Blake, there's only one thing it could be: RESERVOIR CAREER WOMEN'S ANNIVERSARY! Alahna and Mindi's brainchild is rocking right along, providing a place for professional women around the Rankin county area to gather and network. For our February meeting, our topics were safety based, from family law practices to identity theft. February is also American Heart Month, and we encouraged the ladies to wear red in support.

Our Spotlight Speaker was Natalie Gideon of Bridgers Smith PLLC, who practice in the area of family law - which includes divorce and custody/visitation law. If you have a question regarding family law or would like to schedule a consultation with Natalie, please call her firm at 601-812-5868.

Our Keynote Speaker was Kathy Briner, a Senior Financial and Portfolio Adviser with Merrill Lynch. She put on a powerful presentation of how to keep your personal information safe in a new era of digital data thieves. For example, hopefully by now we ALL know to shred and destroy things like credit card offers that arrive in the mail, but did you know that simply clicking on a link in an email that resembles a legitimate email from a financial institution can put you at risk of identity theft? It's true! She also showed us how to put freezes on our credit with the major credit firms so they have to contact us anytime someone tries to use our information for credit-attaining purposes. How informative!

Hate that you missed the meeting, but still want more info on how to protect your sensitive information? You can see the whole presentation by clicking the link (and we promise it's safe!!): Kathy Briner - Identity Theft Presentation.

ON THE MENU: This month's menu featured lighter fare options, including a mixed green salad, vegetable soup, and loaded baked potato, with infused waters and tea for beverages. Dessert was a layered chocolate pudding pie that was enjoyed by all.