Love was definitely in the air at our past meeting! Whether it was love from The Blake to us, or our love of networking and gathering, hearts were aflutter after finally being able to meet back up after our January meeting was flooded-out. And we can definitely say the love is mutual: The Blake has been hosting us for four years now, and this meeting marked our FOURTH YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Now, on with the meeting!

HOUSEKEEPING: Alahna opened the meeting with calls for advertisers! For $100/year, you get an ad slot on our Members page, which includes a 3-image rotating carousel and a 50ish word write up about you and your business! The money we collect for this is used throughout the year to donate to causes that might not normally fall under other charitable means, and it also goes toward rewarding a graduating senior in the Rankin County area with a Distinguished Young Lady Scholarship program! Interested in advertising with us? Please email us today at info@rezcareerwomen.com.

SPOTLIGHT SPEAKER: Anne Cole, Netlink Voice. Anne Cole is an Account Executive for Netlink Voice, and she gave us quite the dynamic presentation at our last meeting. She started by weaving a ball of yarn between the ladies, effectively creating a colorful cat's cradle of pretend phone lines. Now, she said, imagine if even of those lines is cut by some wayward digging - all the phone lines go down - and that is how the majority of business phone lines exist today. Now, what if your phone lines were tied into your internet - wouldn't that be better all around?? With Netlink Voice, you can have just that! From phone systems that plug directly into ethernet, including voicemails you can open via email, they want to help you bring your business phone systems into the future! For more information, please visit them online by clicking HERE.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jo Hebert, Licensed Professional Counselor, "Boundaries to Prevent Burnout".

ON THE MENU: Good ol' comfort food at its finest. On the menu for this meeting, we were treated to a mixed green salad, sliced ham, mac and cheese, garlicky green beans, and for dessert....our own resident cookie lady Mindi Phillips made a 4 Year Anniversary Cookie for the meeting - and it was DELICIOUS!!! To order some cookies for your next event, or for more information, visit her Facebook page for Blue Barn Cookies by clicking HERE.

rcw 2-19-20