Welcome to the Thanksgiving 2019 blog for Reservoir Career Women! Do you know what we are most thankful for? YOU, of course! We can never express enough gratitude to the ladies that attend our monthly meetings, interact on our Facebook pages, and supporting our community via our website! This will be the last meeting of the year at The Blake, as our December meeting will be hosted at the Governor's Mansion with our outgoing First Lady Deborah Bryant. If you were lucky to get a ticket for an event that sold out within hours, we'll see you there! Now, on with the meeting!

INTRO: Alahna started the meeting by greeting all of our attendees and reminding us all about advertising on our site. $100 for a full year of advertising on our Member page which includes a 50-ish word write up and a 3-image rotating carousel of your choosing; this also includes a business card listing on our Directory page! Please note: we do not keep any of the money for operating costs (all of our positions are volunteer-based) - ALL money collected goes into our community fund, which this year has helped fund funeral costs for a young mother, a college scholarship for an accomplished young lady, and Christmas presents for seniors and children! If you are interested in advertising for 2020 (and we'll even squeeze in the last few weeks of December if you sign up soon enough), or if you have any questions, please email us at info@rezcareerwomen.com. Now, on with the meeting!

SPOTLIGHT SPEAKER: Mindi Phillips, Beloved Getaways. Our very own Mindi Phillips was our Spotlight Speaker this month, and did she ever have a treat for us! Mindi Phillips owns and operates Beloved Getaways, your one-stop-shop for anything and everything travel related that you could ever need. From destination weddings and honeymoons to sporting events and Disney, Beloved Getaways is the company to call if you want to make the absolute most of your travel time. For this meeting, Mindi was actually ON LOCATION in Nassau, Bahamas for her presentation! Here she is giving us top travel tips:

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Ammie West, Ammie West Staging & Design, Expert Psychological Stager. Our keynote speaker for this month is Ammie West of Ammie West Staging & Design, who is a certified expert psychological stager. What that means for you is she has been trained to "stage" your home to sell, and sell quickly! Not only will her tips move your real estate quickly, they also come in handy for sprucing up your home for the holidays. Here are her tips for staging your home:

  • De-personalize your space. Removing personal items like family photos from the space you are showing will help the potential buyer imagine them in the space instead of feeling like they are invading yours.
  • Get rid of clutter. This should be a no-brainer. How can people see your home if their view is blocked with your things? Box and store items that will be moving with you, donate items in good condition that you no longer want, or toss old items that won't be following you to your new home.
  • Clean like you've never cleaned before. You want people to notice how much natural light comes into your living room, not the giant stain on the carpet from the failed science experiment. Deep clean your home before showing to potential buyers.
  • Patch and repair. Not only does broken things around your home deter potential buyers, it means BIG discounts when it comes to negotiating the price. Patch, paint, and repair any items that you have been putting off, and it will pay off in the end.
  • Go neutral. Neutralize the color palette of your house to tone down or brighten up your space - potential home buyers should be focused on the layout of your home, not all the potential labor to repaint.
  • Dark rooms are sad room, so make sure to let the sunshine in! Tune in to any home remodeling or DIY show, and everyone talks about amount of natural light. Open those curtains or drapes, and adjust those blinds to brighten your rooms.

For more information, please visit her Facebook page HERE, or call her directly at 601-498-6076 to schedule your consultation. You may also email her at ammiewest.homes@gmail.com.

Ammie West Staging & Design

ON THE MENU: Brisket, rice pilaf, and steamed squash - oh my! The brisket was so cooked so perfectly cooked, we had more than a few to go plates walking out! We also gave thanks over pecan pie, and had infused waters and tea to wash it down. As always, The Blake takes such good care of us. If you need a meeting place for a luncheon, we can never recommend them enough! Contact Suellen Gunn at The Blake (suellen.gunn@blakeliving.com) to reserve the activity room for your event!

RCW 11-20-2019