Reservoir Career Women Meeting Blog – November 15, 2017

Member Spotlight: Shari Bailey-Barstis, independent Arbonne representative. Do yourself and your body a favor by meeting with Shari, and learn how Arbonne can help you feel and look your best!

Keynote Speaker: Megan Howe, Synergy Myofascial. Stop. Take a minute right now and observe how you are sitting at your desk. Are you hunched over, shoulders rolled forward, craning your neck in a weird position? Probably. Did you know your posture can affect so much of your health, not just how your body sits, and can continue to affect you for years to come? Megan had many fantastic pointers on how to work on your posture. Feeling a little bent out of shape? Make an appointment with her today!

Lunch: A tour of the Mediterranean, anyone? We were treated to a fresh green salad, chicken alfredo pasta, roasted broccoli, and baklava, with sweet tea and orange/strawberry infused water to wash it down!

11-15-2017 meeting collage
Collage of images for the 11-15-2017 RCW meeting.