Hello to all our "wonder women" out there! This month, while Alahna was attending her yearly CMA (remember Kim's presentation a few months ago?) rally, Mindi rallied the ladies at The Blake for our October meeting! While going through the usual ins and outs of the meeting, Mindi shared an especially poignant poem about all the "wonder women" in the room:

wonder wo

Such a good reminder that not only are we there to support our businesses, we are all also there to support each other! Now, on with the meeting!

SPOTLIGHT SPEAKER: Susan Rodriguez, Clyde's Hope Restored, Inc. Susan Rodriguez is the Executive Director for Clyde's Hope Restored. Clyde's Hope specializes in providing support and education for family caregivers in Mississippi; they also provide assistance to the patient and their families for needs not usually covered under the Hospice benefit to help with end of life goals. In 2004, Susan's father Clyde was admitted into hospice. After her own personal experience with hospice with her father and then working as an office manager for a hospice herself, Susan noticed that many of their client's needs weren't being met by Medicare or Medicaid, but because they were for-profit, fundraisers were legally off-limits. As an alternative, she created Clyde's Hope Restored, a non-profit agency specifically built to help meet the unmet needs of hospice patients.

While at our meeting, she passed out a flier for an upcoming Family Care Seminar, where such topics such as legal forms, DNR orders, and support group tips will be discussed. This seminar is free and open to all non-professional family caregivers who want to learn how to care for their loved ones in times of need. The seminar will be Thursday, November 14th, starting at 1 pm, at the AE Wood Activity and Therapeutic Center at 111 Clinton Blvd, Clinton MSĀ  39056. For more information and to register, please visit them online at www.clydeshope.org or email them directly at assistance@clydeshope.org.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jackie Murray, St. Dominic's Hospital. Nurse Jackie (NOT Edie Falco) was this month's keynote speaker, and for a very good reason. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Jackie came to inform us about breast cancer, what to look for, and some recent statistics regarding breast cancer awareness. Her motto she kept repeating during her presentation: EARLY DETECTION IS KEY! Breast cancer has a very high survivability rate AS LONG AS IT IS DETECTED EARLY. Some forms of early detection include gynecological exam and gene detection, but probably one of the best ways to detect cancer early is through self exam and noting any changes. Jackie also passed out these helpful shower hangers to help with self exam:

breast cancer self exam

For her slideshow presentation from the meeting, click HERE.

ON THE MENU: The Blake gave us a little Thanksgiving preview with our October lunch! We were presented with turkey breast, dressing, Brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce, with a trio of spice, chocolate, and poppy seed cake, all washed down with infused water, tea, and a steeped (warm) tea from Nancy Welch!