Reservoir Career Women Meeting Blog – January 17, 2018 – The snow didn’t stop us!

Member Spotlight: Alahna Norton shared a video of Megan Markle and how her 11-year-old self help change a national cleaning product ad campaign to move away from female-centered cleaning to PEOPLE-centered cleaning. How is your 11-year-old self continuing to change the world?

Keynote Speaker: Rose Williamson of Barlow & Company, PLLC. How quick is Quickbooks? Pretty fast, if you know Rose Williamson! Rose is a CPA with Barlow and Company, a CPA firm in Brandon, MS. And she just made partner – go Rose! Rose went through the ins and outs of the Quickbooks program, in addition to showing how accurate financial reporting can benefit your business!

Lunch: Ya’ll know we get hungry down south, so we were treated to a taste of Mississippi today! Ribs, fried okra, fried green tomatoes – with little banana pudding or trifle cups? I think I might be getting the vapors!

Door prize: Who is that holding the door prize from this month’s meeting? Why, none other than the First Lady of Mississippi herself, Mrs. Deborah Bryant – we hear she’s kind of a big deal!

image from rez career women meeting for 1-17-2018