New Year, new us! Well, ok, maybe not A LOT of newness – Alahna and Mindi are still are awesome and fearless leaders, and The Blake is totally #winning with providing us a safe and clean space to meet, not to mention meeting our nutritional needs each month! Eh, so maybe things are not SO new after all, so hey, why mess with a good thing??

This year, we kick off with our Spotlight Speaker, Mallory Robertson. Mallory works for Belhaven University, and implored us to start the new year off right by continuing our education. Want more info? Here she is:

Mallory Robertson, Belhaven University

Our first Keynote Speaker of the new year was Brandi Crosby from the Shift Shop, where she is one of the owners of the store. Brandi has extensive knowledge of essential oils, and helped enlighten us on ways to live healthier from the inside out! For more information or to view their calendar of upcoming events, please visit her online HERE.

Well ladies, our first meeting is officially in the books! One more thing: remember how we talk about advertising on our website every meeting? And how the money we collect goes 100% percent towards helping those in our community? We’ve added another option to be able to reach more people! For $100/year, you can get the fancy-schmancy 50-ish word write-up about you and your business next to a carousel of up to 3 images of your choosing, in addition to your business card being listed on our Directory page. For $50/year, you can get your business card JUST on our Directory page. So…which option can we sign you up for today?